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Thread: A thing that dies - a story from Daniel Ogilvie

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    A thing that dies - a story from Daniel Ogilvie

    Do you have experiences of your children's concerns with their own mortality? Tell us how you responded. We have got this story from Daniel Ogilvie! Thank you!

    "When one of my daughters was four years old, she came charging out of her bedroom and down the staircase well after she would normally have been asleep. She was crying. She stood before her mother and me and through her sobs announced that she did not want to be a thing that dies. I was astonished by her announcement. Clearly she was calling out for help. It occurred to me to tell her to shut up and go back to bed. I had enough sense not to act on that impulse and was relieved when my wife responded, "Don't worry dear, you have a long life ahead of you" and gave her a hug. The words worked wonders. Her emotional pain subsided and she was sound asleep in 15-minutes."
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